Sambos, salads & soups…you name it!

For our soups, hot dishes, salads, quiches and sandwiches of the day we have daily updates on our News page

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our daily lunch menu

Soup of the day with brown bread (6)

Hot dish of the day with salad (12.5)

Quiche of the day with salad (12.5)

Sandwich of the day (7)

Filled rolls, wraps, baps & open sandwiches (from 5.5)

Chicken liver pate and brown bread (6.5)

Caesar Salad (8) w/chicken (+2) 

gourmet sandwiches

All 7

Homemade brown bread ham, cheddar, tomato, leaves, mayo & mustard

Devil’s Glen
White rustic roll with salami, brie, leaves & sweet chilli jam

Potter’s River
Open brown bread, prawns in marie-rose sauce, lettuce, radish & cucumber, served with lemon

Black Castle
Bloomer, rare beef, swiss cheese, mixed leaves, sundried tomatoes, onion marmalade & horseradish sauce

The Lighthouse
White rustic roll, ham, brie, tomato, leaves and mayo

Glenroe Farm
Ciabatta with turkey, leaves, stuffing, coleslaw and cranberry sauce

Ciabatta with bacon, lettuce, tomato & mayo

Our Club Sambo
Turkey, bacon, cheddar, tomatoes, coleslaw & mayo

The Italian Job
Ciabatta with salami, mozzarella, leaves, fresh basil, sundried tomatoes & pesto

Chicken Caesar Wrap (6)
Tortilla wrap with chicken, leaves and our Caesar dressing


On a choice of floury bap, brown bloomer or white

All 7

Ham, cheddar, spring onion & tomato

Tuna melt, swiss cheese & tomato

Turkey, bacon & blue cheese

Roast beef & cheddar

Chicken, mozzarella & pesto

Goat’s cheese & roasted veg

Roasted Mediterranean veg, brie, pesto, spicy tomato relish


Cappuccino (2.70/3.20)

Latte (2.70/3.20)

Flat white (3.20)

Mocha (3.20)

Chai latte (3.20)

Double espresso (2.70)

Espresso (2.20)

Americano (2.70)

Extra shot of coffee (0.50)

Shot of syrup (0.50)

Tea (2.70)

Hot choc (3.20)

Minerals (2.70)

Bottle water (2.70)

Carton/glass of juice (2.70)